VIAVI Solutions OneExpert ONX-620 ja ONX-630 testerit auttavat asentajia suoriutumaan nopeasti ja kerralla KTV-verkon asennuksissa ja vianhaussa. OneExpert CATV mittarien signaalin käsittely ja sovellukset auttavat asentajia työskentelemään entistä tuottavammin. Verkon asennus, käyttöönotto ja vianhaku on helpompaa ja nopeampaa kuin koskaan aikaisemmin.

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Tähän tuotteeseen on saatavilla huolto- ja varaosapalvelut.

Tutustu huoltopalveluihin
Tuotekoodi Nimi Tuotekuvaus Pakkauskoko Tuotelehti Lisää tarjouspyyntöön
ONX-220-65-204-D31-BASE ONX-220-65-204-D31-BASE OneExpert DSP ONX-220, Base-malli. Hintaluokan paras työkalu asentajalle Kaapeli-TV/DOCSIS 3.1 liittymän käyttöönottoon ja vianhakuun 1 Lisää
ONX-220-65-204-D31-PLUS ONX-220-65-204-D31-PLUS OneExpert DSP ONX-220, Plus-malli. Hintaluokan paras työkalu asentajalle Kaapeli-TV/DOCSIS 3.1 liittymän käyttöönottoon ja vianhakuun 1 Lisää
ONX-220-65-204-D31-PRO ONX-220-65-204-D31-PRO OneExpert DSP ONX-220, Pro-malli. Hintaluokan paras työkalu asentajalle Kaapeli-TV/DOCSIS 3.1 liittymän käyttöönottoon ja vianhakuun 1 Lisää
ONX-620D31-6520-1212-BAS ONX-620D31-6520-1212-BAS ONX-620, OneExpert CATV tester Basic package 1 Lisää
ONX-620D31-6520-1212-IPX ONX-620D31-6520-1212-IPX ONX-620, OneExpert CATV tester IPX package 1 Lisää
ONX-620D31-6520-1212-TSX ONX-620D31-6520-1212-TSX ONX-620, OneExpert CATV tester TSX package 1 Lisää
ONX-630D31-6520-1212-NTX ONX-630D31-6520-1212-NTX ONX-630, OneExpert CATV tester NTX package 1 Lisää
ONX-630D31-6520-1212-SWX ONX-630D31-6520-1212-SWX ONX-630, OneExpert CATV tester SWX package 1 Lisää

A multi-touch, user-friendly interface and OneCheck automated tests ease complex tasks with a simple dashboard with clear pass/fail results.  And, its future-proof modularity ensure years of use supporting cable television and home networks.

The OneExpert platform empowers techs for quick, accurate testing and troubleshooting, with models/packages designed to address the specific needs of different work groups. As technology evolves, the future-proof platform adapts easily and capably with thorough state-of-the-art tests. Service providers must be able to adapt, quickly deploy new services and operate at high efficiency in order to maintain the highest levels of reliability and customer satisfaction.


Simple – Every technician is an expert

  • Channel Plans automatically built by the meter
  • Dashboard simplifies and identifies RF issues
  • Expertise is built in – Session Expert™  helps technicians identify issues and fix them
  • Connects to the cloud – quickly and easily – ensuring consistency via StrataSync™

Fast – Testing and troubleshooting is faster than ever

  • Downstream scan including MER/BER in about 60 seconds​
  • Ingress and Downstream testing performed simultaneously
  • 15x more Downstream coverage in half the time of current generation meters

Powerful – Get the most from your investment

  • DOCSIS 3.1 physical and service performance testing
  • DOCSIS 3.0, 32x8 DOCSIS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet 1Gbps capable
  • Add-on module capable to support future needs
  • Field exchangeable DOCSIS and RF unit reduces cost of ownership
  • Network expansion-ready with dual diplexers to support 42 and 85 or 65 and 85 MHz networks


  • Troubleshoot service issues between the TAP, Ground Block and CPE
  • Identify and fix intermittent issues related to QAM carriers and the home network
  • Verify WiFi signal strength and availability in 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks
  • Business Service turn-up and troubleshooting
  • Gigabit service testing with TrueSpeed
  • PON and RFOG installation and troubleshooting including inspection, power levels, and RF performance

Key Features

  • DuoPort design with PosiScan™  -- a VIAVI Exclusive -- ensures proper connection and testing of Ingress Scan and Downstream tests, helping techs do the job right the first time
  • AutoChannel - Automatically identifies channel plan
  • Cloud Enabled via StrataSync™ to track test results and compliance
  • OneCheck dashboard clearly displays summarized results of the entire lineup, including MER/BER in about 60 seconds, with simple identification of faults needing attention
  • Expertise Built In – Session Expert -- offers background analysis that identifies issues consistently between technicians, suggests actions that help technicians fix problems, and provides VIAVI expertise and algorithms built into a simple test
  • Built in Usage Guide – learn to use the meter on the job
  • Advanced capabilities:
    • DOCSIS 3.1 physical and service performance
    • 32x8 DOCSIS for Gigabit speeds
    • WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, wireless personal area network
    • Dual GigE Ethernet with optional TrueSpeed™ for testing at ONT or CM
    • Optional Fiber Scope and Power Meter
    • Forward sweep to 1.2 GHz, reverse sweep to 200 MHz
    • Sweep backward compatible with SDA/DSAM gear
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