Enkom Active Oy

More than 30-years of experience in distribution of electrical and communication products to Finnish technology industry.

Company Introduction

Enkom Active is a value-adding distributor of electrical and communication products. Our customers are electrification industry companies, industrial manufacturers and system integrators. Our business foundation is based on excellent products and smooth logistics. However, our true value-add is coming from understanding customer operations, product knowledge and from close partnership between customers, ourselves and suppliers. We can therefore introduce the best fitted products to customers in efficient manner.

We have offices in Espoo and Vaasa and more than 30-years of experience in technical distribution. Enkom Active is a part of Lagercrantz Group. Lagercrantz is B2B Tech Group offering value-creating technology in expansive niches. The group consists of more than 65 companies, The Group has more than 2,260 employees and revenue exceeding 550 MEUR. The Company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2001.

Lagercrantz Group gives us an international, solid and sound financial foundation to work with. Please find Lagercrantz year-end and sustainability report 2022/23 below.

Sustainability and Quality

Sustainability is one of our key operating principles. With the help of our products, our customers' are able to build more solid and sustainable societes. We are proud to be a part in a journey to shift towards a CO2-neutral society and we want our products to support these goals. We are part of local recycling platforms which manage WEEE, batteries, and packaging recycling in compliant and effective manner. We are extremely delighted that we can share the values and business ethics of our owners - the Lagercrantz Group. You can download our Code-of-Conduct and Lagercrantz sustainability report below.

Our operation is based on ISO 9001 certified management system

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