Viavi:n Nordic Days 2015 - seminaari (entinen JDSU)


Ole ajan hermoilla ja tule kuulemaan mittausmarkkinoiden viimeisintä tietoa älykkäistä videomikroskoopeista, uusista tutkamalleista sekä tulevaisuuden huippunopeiden kuituverkkojen testaushaasteista!

Ajankohta: 13.10.2015 Rantasipi Airport, Vantaa

tapahtumaan viimeistään 4.9. Paikkoja on rajoitetusti.

Dates for this year’s Viavi Nordic Days 2015:                                                           
Oslo — Scandic Fornebu, Oct 5
Gothenburg — Clarion Hotel Post, Oct 6
Copenhagen — Scandic Glostrup, Oct 7
Horsens — Scandic Bygholm Park, Oct 8
Helsinki Vantaa — Rantasipi Airport Hotel, Oct 13
Stockholm Älvsjö — Scandic Talk, Oct 15

Each Viavi Day includes a general session and up to six tracks that focus on various technologies. New for this year: you can attend multiple tracks.
The general session for all attendees runs from 09:00 to 10:00 hrs and introduces Viavi and covers general testing aspects across various technologies for the Nordic region. Tracks 3 to 6 will each run as a 2 hour session repeated morning and afternoon.

Choose the track you want to attend from the list below. Tracks run from 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00. Each track will deliver small workshops that highlight various testing scenarios and give attendees hands-on experience.


  • Track 1: How to Overcome Challenges in Metro Ethernet Networks
    Learn more about the newest metro and optical transport network trends, technologies, and test solutions, from SAMComplete™ and TrueSpeed™ service activation and verification via instruments, intelligent microprobes, and virtualized test applications to antenna surroundings for wireless environment and the 100G ramp up towards tomorrow’s next-gen networks.
  • Track 2: Preparing for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Fiber Optic Networks
    Learn more about the latest technologies and our leading edge fiber-optic test solutions, including fiber connectivity, loss testing, and troubleshooting best practices, as well as FTTH, FTTA, and next-gen high-speed optical network testing challenges.
  • Track 3: Get Clear Visibility into Video and Cable-TV Networks
    Learn more about the latest DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi, and video multiscreen services trends and technologies from active/proactive monitoring and install/troubleshooting tools to diagnosing service problems from the headend to the end-customer location.
  • Track 4: Verifying Broadband Networks from to WiFi
    Learn more about the latest trends and technologies and new state-of-the-art test tools for broadband networks from VDSL2 vectoring and to WiFi and enterprise structured cabling certification.
  • Track 5: Get 360° Visibility into Network and Application Health and Get Answers in Seconds!
    Learn more about the most powerful solution for solving common network and application performance problems and understanding the end-user experience. See all the data in "real time" or "back in time."
  • Track 6: Accelerate Your Testing for Cell-Site and Wireless Applications
    Learn more about saving time and money during cell-site acceptance and maintenance with our unique RF over fiber capabilities.

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